The future of dairy is

Harvest Moon is Canada's first microbial fermentation company working to produce
next generation dairy.

We use microorganisms instead of cows to make the proteins that give conventional dairy its taste and ability to melt, stretch, whip, foam, froth and form.

Adding these proteins to high functioning plant-based ingredients, we are creating alternative dairy with the taste, nutrition and functionality of conventional versions.

Our mission is to make a better world for people, animals, and the planet.
Growing global demand for dairy will soon outpace available supply and environmental capacity.

Livestock farming contributes 14.5% of GHG emissions and is a significant driver of deforestation and biodiversity loss.  

With the global dairy market projected to expand by 60% in the coming decades, new food production methods are needed to augment our current systems. 

To feed a rapidly growing population while achieving our climate goals and protecting our environment, we have to think differently.

To address this challenge, Harvest Moon is using precision fermentation to produce recombinant bovine milk proteins, the key ingredients that give conventional dairy its taste, functionality and many sensory attributes.

Adding these sustainable proteins to high functioning plant-based ingredients, we will create
‘next generation dairy'.


Our products will possess the same great qualities of conventional dairy, but will be lactose and cholesterol free, lower in sugar, and higher in nutrition.

Planet Friendly

Our methods involve a very small fraction of the land, water, energy and GHG emissions of conventional versions.


Because our process is animal-free, we will also reduce risks of zoonotic and antibiotic resistant disease.

We are currently seeking pre-seed investors. Please feel free to contact us anytime to learn more about Harvest Moon.